Entrepreneurial Education: Tips to Becoming a Savvy Entrepreneur on the Fly

Having flexible hours, making extra money, working without a rigid routine and being our own bosses are some reasons why people choose to be entrepreneurs. In as much as these desires drive ambition, they might not be enough. Well researched and tested tips in building long-term wealth are required.

Tech savvy, fashion savvy… the word ‘savvy’ gets thrown around a lot; but do we really know what it entails? Being savvy entails being shrewd, knowledgeable, possessing common sense and good judgement.

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Wholesaling vs. Fix and Flips: 5 Things New Real Estate Investors Should Know

Real estate is arguably one of the most profitable ventures today. The importance of buildings and housing structures can never be overstated.

So, it’s expected that the real estate industry will always remain relevant to the end of time. In my wealth of experience as an investor in real estate and related industries, it has become obvious that some aspects of the industry prove to be more viable than others.

Sadly, many new investors fail to realize this to their detriment. In recent times, there is a constant discussion about the most profitable aspect of real estate.

While many experts pitch their tent with wholesale real estate investments, others consider fix and flip a more profitable venture. I hope to clear the doubts in this article.

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Hard Money Lending Explained: 5 Things New Investors Need to Know

When most people hear the words’ hard money,’ it’s easy to make assumptions: Of course, dealers of hard money are charlatans who work on ripping people off their hard-earned income; hard money loans are for people who are desperate for some quick cash; Hard money loans end up with 6 feet tall loan sharks hanging the debtor by his neck. 

Due to private lenders’ years of indecent practices, hard money investment is a strategy most new investors shy away from. In the past, private lenders offered predatory hard money loans hoping to own the properties the debtors used as collateral.

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Driving For Dollars: Why Investors Love Using LandGlide & DealMachine

Ten years ago, buying real estate properties was a bit easier. If you found a property in a listing, you could quickly contact the seller, make an arrangement, get your mortgage in order, and in due time, the property becomes yours.

Today, it’s a different ball game. Real estate principles are still relatively similar; however, the market has become so diffused that too many people bid for the same property within the same timeframe. With Hollywood idolizing house flipping and many authors advising anyone to invest in real estate, there is a lot of competition, and more people are entering the market.

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Pros & Cons: Should You Pay Cash For Rental Properties Or Use Mortgages?

I’m a huge advocate for using rental properties as a type of investment. Rental properties are a great addition to your investment portfolio and can yield a high return in the long run. One of the biggest questions people ask when they consider buying rental properties is “how do I pay for this?”

When I look into buying rental properties I usually finance them with a mortgage, or use cash. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Let’s go over each and decide what’s best for you.

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6 Reasons Why Hard Money Loans Are Awesome For Flipping Houses

House flipping is a real estate business model where an investor buys a piece of property, renovates, and quickly resells for a profit. This business model, as opposed to the buy-and-hold real estate business model, works on the principle of cash-in, cash-out.

When you buy and hold property, you are determined on making money from such property on the long-run; however, house flippers are only interested in the short-term ROI (Return on Investment) of a property.

A real estate investor who works on a house-flipping business model faces a lot of problems, including what property to buy, when to buy the property, cost of property purchase, and renovation expenses. Many real estate investors have turned to hard money loans for funding for their house flipping businesses.

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The Real Winston Deloney: Overcoming Life’s Challenges (And You Can Too!)

Life is pretty ironic most of the time, and here’s an example for you: when you’re complacent and making safe choices, you’re not going to experience very many challenges. You’re likely to just coast by, and have a pretty easy time just keeping the status quo.

But if you want to grow, succeed, and excel, you’re absolutely going to encounter some challenges. The truth is, encountering challenges and growing pains is inherent with growth. So if that’s the case, why don’t we all just stay right where we are?

My answer is this: because it’s always possible to overcome life’s challenges. That’s how I got to where I am today, and why I continue to throw myself into new and intimidating situations.

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Wholesaling Real Estate vs. Flipping Homes: What Should You Focus On?

If you’re interested in getting involved in the world of real estate investing, or you’re looking to expand your current investment portfolio, it’s likely you’ve come across this age-old debate: wholesaling or flipping homes?

As a real estate investor myself, I’ve basically tried it all when it comes to investing options, and now, I have a pretty expansive portfolio. That being said, it definitely wasn’t always a breeze, and there were times when it was tough, but I had to stick it out. 

Through all of those lessons, I learned a lot about the different kinds of investment options, and which ones are best to focus on at different times. That’s why I wanted to break down wholesaling real estate versus flipping houses, and which ones you should focus on.

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6 Mobile Apps Every Real Estate Investor Should Be Utilizing

As a real estate investor, I’m always on the lookout for new digital tools that can help me excel. Gone are the days when Google was your only option for resources.

Now, there are tons of apps out there, specifically designed for real estate investing. These apps can help you maximize your productivity, stay organized, and find incredible deals, among other things.

It can be tough to keep up with all of the latest tools out there, so I decided to compile this list, to help you narrow down which ones you can use to help you be the best investor possible.

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