How I Overcame Setbacks As A New Investor

Investing in anything is a risk. You are putting your money into what you probably have no control over, and expecting it to do well, so you can get your returns. Nothing captures risk more than this. 

Due to the risk of investing, especially for new investors, people are bound to face setbacks. Where these setbacks happen, which is a normal thing, the important thing is to know how to overcome them. 

One thing about this industry is that if you are not quick to move forward after a setback, you might never be able to. This is why it is highly important, especially as a new investor, to learn how to get yourself together after each setback. 

As someone who has been in the industry and made a lot of investment, I will be sharing with you how to overcome these setbacks as a new investor. No doubt, you will face setbacks. But this does not have to be the end; you can always get up and go stronger.

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The Best Investing Apps For Growing Your Portfolio in 2021

Looking for the best investing app to fire up your portfolio in 2021? A high-performance app can handle your routine financial tasks, chip money into your investment accounts, track spending, and more. This opportunity confers more time to you to do what you love the most.

Here are some best apps to get your financial life on an excellent track.


This app is atop this list because it has helped me overcome certain knowledge difficulties and financial barriers to become a better investor. It’s best for active traders aiming to place commission-free investments in stock, ETFs, and ADRs. A payment of $5 is what’s needed to start investing, and I can buy fractional shares of stocks and other investments.

Not only that, but it’s also a great place for newbies to start learning about stock markets and investing. It has a step by step economics and investing lessons inside it that we can learn at our own pace.


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2021 Real Estate Investing Trends You Should Look Out For

The real estate market has been gaining strength and value for the past few years, especially during the novel pandemic (covid-19) era. The values of homes and residents have soared, buyers’ demand have increased rapidly, and the rates of mortgages have hit low drastically. 

Also, the pandemic has made housing and real estate investment one of the few bright places during an otherwise challenging and difficult time. 

However, real estate trends are not static; they come and go, likewise the housing market. It is often in flux. Since the industry is largely localized with various conditions in every state, city, and metro center, you can’t be confident that things will remain the same for a long time.

This is the reason I have chosen to get you acquainted with the recent trends in the real estate industry and housing market.  

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How New Investors Can Fund Their Real Estate Deals

There is a lot to be admired in real estate. But, one thing that makes you grow rapidly in the industry is having funds. Over the years, this has proved difficult for new investors to do. But this does not have to be the end. 

As an expert in the industry, who have before now, given key insights on building long term wealth in rental properties, I will be sharing some new tips. These tips would be on how new investors can fund their real estate deals.

It would also cover the common mistakes to avoid as a new investor. You can also read up on my advice on the common mistakes all landlords should avoid.

Now let’s get into the real deal. How can new investors fund their real estate deals?

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Should You Invest in Fractional Shares? The Ultimate Investing Guide

The chances are that you have heard about Fractional shares. The problem, however, is that you don’t seem to grasp what it means or how to invest. Well, all these are well understood. And the solution has been provided.

In this post, I have discussed everything about investing in fractional shares and insight into what should guide you when investing in fractional shares. 

Reasons Why You Should Invest In Fractional Shares

Low Investments

With Fraction shares, you have the privilege of enjoying low investments. With as little as $5, you can dive into the stock market. Like I tell all aspiring investors, this is an avenue to acquire shares at a lower entry point. Over time, this little investment will grow and build confidence for a larger investment. 

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Entrepreneurial Education: Tips to Becoming a Savvy Entrepreneur on the Fly

Having flexible hours, making extra money, working without a rigid routine and being our own bosses are some reasons why people choose to be entrepreneurs. In as much as these desires drive ambition, they might not be enough. Well researched and tested tips in building long-term wealth are required.

Tech savvy, fashion savvy… the word ‘savvy’ gets thrown around a lot; but do we really know what it entails? Being savvy entails being shrewd, knowledgeable, possessing common sense and good judgement.

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Wholesaling vs. Fix and Flips: 5 Things New Real Estate Investors Should Know

Real estate is arguably one of the most profitable ventures today. The importance of buildings and housing structures can never be overstated.

So, it’s expected that the real estate industry will always remain relevant to the end of time. In my wealth of experience as an investor in real estate and related industries, it has become obvious that some aspects of the industry prove to be more viable than others.

Sadly, many new investors fail to realize this to their detriment. In recent times, there is a constant discussion about the most profitable aspect of real estate.

While many experts pitch their tent with wholesale real estate investments, others consider fix and flip a more profitable venture. I hope to clear the doubts in this article.

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Hard Money Lending Explained: 5 Things New Investors Need to Know

When most people hear the words’ hard money,’ it’s easy to make assumptions: Of course, dealers of hard money are charlatans who work on ripping people off their hard-earned income; hard money loans are for people who are desperate for some quick cash; Hard money loans end up with 6 feet tall loan sharks hanging the debtor by his neck. 

Due to private lenders’ years of indecent practices, hard money investment is a strategy most new investors shy away from. In the past, private lenders offered predatory hard money loans hoping to own the properties the debtors used as collateral.

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Driving For Dollars: Why Investors Love Using LandGlide & DealMachine

Ten years ago, buying real estate properties was a bit easier. If you found a property in a listing, you could quickly contact the seller, make an arrangement, get your mortgage in order, and in due time, the property becomes yours.

Today, it’s a different ball game. Real estate principles are still relatively similar; however, the market has become so diffused that too many people bid for the same property within the same timeframe. With Hollywood idolizing house flipping and many authors advising anyone to invest in real estate, there is a lot of competition, and more people are entering the market.

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Pros & Cons: Should You Pay Cash For Rental Properties Or Use Mortgages?

I’m a huge advocate for using rental properties as a type of investment. Rental properties are a great addition to your investment portfolio and can yield a high return in the long run. One of the biggest questions people ask when they consider buying rental properties is “how do I pay for this?”

When I look into buying rental properties I usually finance them with a mortgage, or use cash. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Let’s go over each and decide what’s best for you.

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