Should You Learn The Hard Way? 4 Ways My Mentor Helped Me Avoid Easy Pitfalls

No matter what field you’re striving to succeed in, there are always challenges to overcome and lessons to be learned. I found this out firsthand when I first started to really grow as a real estate investor and entrepreneur.

Especially when I started to enjoy more success and take on bigger projects, I realized that I had to continue learning, and that the pitfalls could actually be pretty steep.

And we all know that old phrase I learned that the hard way. So yes, of course, there were some big lessons I “learned the hard way.” But is that always the best way to learn?

As I continued my journey, I was fortunate enough to find an excellent mentor, who helped mold me into the entrepreneur and investor I am today. And I realized that no, not every lesson needs to be learned the hard way.

Here are four ways my mentor helped me avoid easy pitfalls while I was on my journey to success.

  1. My mentor could see where I needed improvement

As an entrepreneur, I definitely am wired to go at things independently, and make my own way. But the problem with this is that you can be blinded to areas where you need improvement.

My mentor was able to give me a fresh, outside perspective to what I was doing, and point out some specific areas where I could take actionable steps for improvement. And after making those improvements, I was able to maximize my productivity and really step up my game.

  1. My mentor was able to help me outline healthy boundaries

One of my biggest traits as a new entrepreneur and investor is that I was overconfident and full-powered, meaning I naturally wanted to take on a ton of projects at once. I would be in the trenches of one, and get another great idea, and want to get to work on that.

While this can be a fun and productive way to work, I was starting to get overloaded, and neglect some of the work I was taking on. My mentor was able to help me outline healthy boundaries and limits for myself, so I was able to fully commit to the projects I was working on at the time.

  1. My mentor helped me keep my cool

I can say that having a mentor around made me stick with real estate investing when I thought of quitting during my early years.

In the rush of entrepreneurship and investing, it can be far too easy to get worked up and even irrational. When there are a lot of moving parts, things can quickly get hectic, leaving big opportunities for error.

My mentor was a sounding board and a voice of reason, who was able to help me keep my cool when things got really hectic. Having that calming and rational influence was a big game changer, and helped me be in a position to make the best decisions possible.

  1. My mentor encouraged new challenges

Another possible pitfall as a new entrepreneur and investor is to shy away from intimidating challenges. We like to take on challenges we know we will succeed at. But oftentimes, the ones that are most intimidating are the ones that can reap the biggest rewards. My mentor was very helpful in pushing me towards new, intimidating challenges, because they could see how I would succeed.

And because of these learnings, it made me want to help aspiring real estate investors as well on their journey through my newly launched website which was created to help them get to the same level of success that I achieved.

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